Acute facial trauma in falling accidents: MDCT analysis of 500 patients.

Research paper by Elina M EM Salonen, Mika P MP Koivikko, Seppo K SK Koskinen

Indexed on: 16 May '08Published on: 16 May '08Published in: Emergency radiology


The aim of this study is to assess multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) findings of facial trauma due to a falling accident. Using picture-archiving and communications system, we retrieved all MDCT requests for suspected facial injury during a 62-month period. Images were interpreted by two researchers. Five hundred patients met the inclusion criteria and 329 (66%) had a total of 515 fractures. Falls on stairs were seen in 109 (22%) patients and slips or trips in 391 (78%). The corresponding number of fractures was 169 (33%) and 346 (67%). Males (N = 241) had more fractures than females (N = 259), 327 vs. 188, respectively. The zygomatic complex was the most common fracture, seen in 40% of patients suffering a fracture. Twenty patients (4%) had fractures involving the sinus walls without paranasal sinus effusions. Facial fractures due to falls are common. The zygomatic complex is the most common fracture. A clear sinus sign may be less reliable than previously thought.