Active packaging systems with emphasis on its applications in dairy products

Research paper by Soroush Haghighi‐Manesh, Mohammad Hossein Azizi

Indexed on: 02 Mar '17Published on: 27 Feb '17Published in: Journal of Food Process Engineering


Nowadays, consumers are more concerned about food safety and quality. The higher demand for healthy, safe, and fresh-like products, as well as changes in consumer preferences, promotes the development of innovative approaches in technologies to preserve food. On the other hand, the shelf life of most food products depends upon the biological, chemical, and physical interactions between the food, package, and the ambient environment. Therefore, the purpose of modern food quality preservation and assurance with packaging technologies is to enhance food safety and quality as natural a way as possible. In this regard, active packaging is an innovative concept that can be defined as a mode of packaging in which the package, the product, and the environment interact to prolong shelf life or enhance safety or sensory properties, while maintaining the quality of the product.The implementation of active packaging is a concept in the field of food packaging which has been developed to prolong a product's shelf-life and science dairy products are very perishable among most other food products, application of active systems can enhance their food quality and safety properly.