ABO histo-blood group antigen expression on the graft endothelium long term after ABO-compatible, non-identical heart transplantation.

Research paper by Simon C SC Koestner, Andreas A Kappeler, Thomas T Schaffner, Thierry P TP Carrel, Paul J PJ Mohacsi

Indexed on: 21 Apr '06Published on: 21 Apr '06Published in: Xenotransplantation


We recently reported a complete change in the endothelial ABO histo-blood group phenotype of a cardiac allograft long term after B to O mismatched transplantation. In the context of the current controversy on graft recolonization with recipient endothelial cells and its importance in the development of immunological unresponsiveness, we monitored the expression of endothelial ABH histo-blood group antigens of 10 ABO-compatible, non-identical cardiac allografts over an observation period of at least 30 months. ABH antigens as well as markers for endothelial cells, erythrocytes and thrombocytes were investigated retrospectively by immunohistochemistry using monoclonal antibodies on sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biopsies and were evaluated semi-quantitatively by microscopy. In contrast to our earlier finding of the change in the endothelial ABO histo-blood group phenotype long term after ABO- mismatched transplantation, we could not confirm this change in 10 compatible but non-identical cases.