Abiotic formation of oligonucleotides on basalt surfaces

Research paper by V. A. Otroshchenko, N. V. Vasilyeva, A. M. Kopilov

Indexed on: 01 Jun '85Published on: 01 Jun '85Published in: Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres


The complication and further evolution of abiotic syntheses products occurred under environmental influences at the prebiological stage. From this point of view, the influence of some types of irradiation on the organic molecules adsorbed on the surfaces of volcanic rocks, appeared to be of great importance. In this connection, the effect of gamma rays on the AMP molecules adsorbed on mineral surfaces such as cinders and ashes has been studied. It has been shown that they can polymerize with the formation of oligonucleotides. The treatment of oligomers obtained by venom phosphodiesterase has shown that a polymeric product has mainly 3′–5′ and 2′–5′ bonds between nucleotides. The results obtained have been discussed from the evolutionary aspect.