A Unified Macro- and Micromechanics Constitutive Model of Fully Coupled Fields

Research paper by Z. Sun, X. Niu, Sh. Huang, Y. Song

Indexed on: 09 May '14Published on: 09 May '14Published in: Mechanics of Composite Materials


A unified macro- and micromechanics constitutive model of fully coupled electro-magneto-thermo-elastic multiphase functional composites is developed. The model is based on the hypothesis of periods, the theory of uniformity, and the finite-volume direct averaging micromechanics (FVDAM). By introducing quadratic displacements and electric and magnetic potentials into the constitutive model, its accuracy is improved. The efficiency of the model is also raised by adopting surface-averaged quantities to be the primary variables of the original FVDAM. A numerical example is presented, and a relation between material constants and the fiber volume fraction is obtained.