A two-third majority of infertile women exhibit endometriosis in pre-ART diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopic chromopertubation: only one-third have a tubal obstruction.

Research paper by Kristin K Nicolaus, Dominik D Bräuer, Robert R Sczesny, Klaus K Bühler, Herbert H Diebolder, Ingo B IB Runnebaum

Indexed on: 16 Mar '20Published on: 15 Mar '20Published in: Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics


This study was undertaken to evaluate the prevalence of endometriosis in infertile women of couples with non-male factor infertility. A retrospective validation analysis was carried out of consecutive women of infertile couples with non-male factor infertility who received combined diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, in the period from January 2017 to August 2019 in the Department for Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine (n = 300). Type, stage and site of endometriosis were assessed and matched with the occurrence of tubal stenosis. Binary regression analysis was used to estimate the prevalence of endometriosis. Endometriosis was diagnosed in 67% (n = 201). Primary infertility (OR 1.76; p = 0.036), dysmenorrhea (OR 2.47; p = 0.002), and a shorter cycle length (OR 0.972; p = 0.036) were independent risk factors for detection of endometriosis in diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy. The most frequent endometriosis sites were pelvic side wall (53.2%) and uterosacral ligaments (41.8%). Patients with endometriosis showed less often a tubal occlusion (34.32% vs. 41.4%; p = 0.205) and presented a lower rate of bilateral obstruction (9.5% vs. 18.8.%, p = 0.024). Women with endometriosis of a Fallopian tube showed a higher rate of tubal occlusion on the same side (right side p = 0.002; left side p = 0.001). Patients with rASRM score III showed the highest rate of tubal obstruction. The prevalence of endometriosis in infertile women was higher than expected. The indication for operative infertility diagnostics by minimal invasive techniques should be made much more generous as well as the complete clarification of the causes of female infertility.