A Triple Band Notch Compact UWB Printed Monopole Antenna

Research paper by Pritam S. Bakariya, Santanu Dwari, Manas Sarkar

Indexed on: 03 Jan '15Published on: 03 Jan '15Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


A compact ultra-wideband planar monopole antenna with triple band-notched characteristic is proposed. The antenna consists of a rectangular patch with two bevels. To realize notch characteristics in 3.3–3.7 GHz for WiMax, and in 5.15–5.85 GHz for WLAN band, two round shape slots are etched in radiating patch. The third notch band in 7.1–7.76 GHz for X-band downlink satellite communication is obtained by etching a pair of C-shaped slot on the ground. The proposed antenna exhibits a nearly omnidirectional radiation pattern in the \(H\)-plane, and a dipole-like radiation pattern in the \(E\)-plane for the entire pass band. The proposed antennas are successfully simulated and measured. The individual effects of the each slot on band notch characteristics are also investigated. The gain of the proposed triple band notched antenna is relatively stable across the operating frequency band except at notched bands and thereby making the proposed antenna suitable for practical UWB applications.