A time resolved high energy X-ray diffraction study of cooling liquid SiO2.

Research paper by L B LB Skinner, C J CJ Benmore, J K R JK Weber, M C MC Wilding, S K SK Tumber, J B JB Parise

Indexed on: 17 Apr '13Published on: 17 Apr '13Published in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


The evolution of the X-ray structure factor and corresponding pair distribution function of SiO2 has been measured upon cooling from the melt using high energy X-ray diffraction combined with aerodynamic levitation. Small changes in the position of the average Si-O bond distance and peak width are found to occur at ~1500(100) K in the region of the calorimetric glass transition temperature, T(g) and the observed density minima. At higher temperatures deviations from linear behavior are seen in the first sharp diffraction peak width, height and area at around 1750(50) K, which coincides with the reported density maximum around 1.2T(g).