A Tabu search based routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks

Research paper by Hamed Orojloo, Abolfazl T. Haghighat

Indexed on: 05 Sep '15Published on: 05 Sep '15Published in: Wireless Networks


In this paper, a Tabu search based routing algorithm is proposed to efficiently determine an optimal path from a source to a destination in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). There have been several methods proposed for routing algorithms in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, the Tabu search method is exploited for routing in WSNs from a new point of view. In this algorithm (TSRA), a new move and neighborhood search method is designed to integrate energy consumption and hop counts into routing choice. The proposed algorithm is compared with some of the ant colony optimization based routing algorithms, such as traditional ant colony algorithm, ant colony optimization-based location-aware routing for wireless sensor networks, and energy and path aware ant colony algorithm for routing of wireless sensor networks, in term of routing cost, energy consumption and network lifetime. Simulation results, for various random generated networks, demonstrate that the TSRA, obtains more balanced transmission among the node, reduces the energy consumption and cost of the routing, and extends the network lifetime.