A systematic study to understand the effects of particle size distribution of magnetic fingerprint powders on surfaces with various porosities.

Research paper by Serkan S Gürbüz, Bahar B Özmen Monkul, Tuğba T İpeksaç, Merve M Gürtekin Seden, Melek M Erol

Indexed on: 19 Feb '15Published on: 19 Feb '15Published in: Journal of Forensic Sciences


This study intends to design magnetite (Fe3 O4 )-based magnetic fingerprint powders with different particle size distributions. It also investigates the influence of particle size distribution on the visualization of latent fingermarks with as little background staining as possible on the surfaces with various porosities in a systematic way. Two strategies were used to prepare the magnetic fingerprint formulations for this study: milling of coarse magnetite particles for different durations, and mixing of sieved fine particles with different size ranges with coarse particles. Particle size analyses of the prepared magnetic powders, optical microscopy-based roughness analysis of the surfaces and SEM measurements of the visualized fingerprints and representative powders were performed. Mag2 of the formulations prepared through milling and Mag5 and Mag6 of the formulations prepared through sieving and mixing were more successful in the development of latent prints than the rest of the solutions.