A Supermassive Black Hole or a Compact Object Without Events Horizon ?

Research paper by L. V. Verozub, E. Yu. Bannikova

Indexed on: 22 May '98Published on: 22 May '98Published in: Astrophysics


Previously it was shown that gravitation theory allows the existance of supermassive stable compact configurations of the degenerated electronic gas (L.V.Verozub, Astr. Nacr. 317 (1996) 107) without events horizon. In the present paper the simplest model of such kind of objects in gas environment has been considered. It is shown that at the spherically symmetric accretion onto the object the luminosity is about $10^{37} erg/s$ for the mass accretion rate of the order of $\stackrel{\cdot}{M}=10^{-6} M_{\odot}/year$. The wavelength of the radiation maximum is about $400\div 500\stackrel{\circ}{A}$. There is an ionization zone around the central objects with the radius about $10^{-3}pc$.