A Substituted Tetraazaporphyrinogen as an Electroactive Component for a Polymeric Membrane Anion-Selective Electrode

Research paper by Zhixian Zhou, Yuzhong Wang, Jingchao Tao, Yaoting Fan, Yangjie Wu

Indexed on: 01 Sep '98Published on: 01 Sep '98Published in: Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry


A novel anion-selective electrode has been prepared by usingtetraazaporphyrinogen as the electroactive component and o-nitrophenyloctylether as the plasticizer. The electrode exhibits almost Nernstian responsecharacteristics for Pic-, ReO4-,SCN-, ClO4- and TPB-. The linearresponse ranges towards the above-mentioned anions are 10-6∼ 10-2, 10-5 ∼ 10-2,10-5 ∼ 10-2, 10-5 ∼10-1, and 10-5 ∼ 10-2mol/Land the corresponding slopes are -56.8, -57.1, -56.3, -56.1, and -59.9mV/decade with correlation coefficients of -0.99978, -0.99987, -0.99999,-0.99998, and -0.99998, respectively. The electrode shows an anti-Hofmeisterselectivity sequence: Pic- > SCN- >ReO4- > ClO4- > I- >Br- > BF4- > Sal->NO3- > Cl-. The unusual responsemechanism of the novel anion-selective electrode was investigated byexperimental observations and calculation with the MNDO method. Theelectrode was used as a TPB- and a Pic-sensitiveelectrode, respectively, and applied to the assay of levamisolehydrochloride tablets by potentiometric titration and Gran's methods. Theresults obtained are in excellent agreement with that determined by thestandard pharmacopoeia method based on nonaqueous titration.