A Study on Herd Immunity of COVID-19 in South Korea: Using a Stochastic Economic-Epidemiological Model.

Research paper by Hojeong H Park, Songhee H SH Kim

Indexed on: 26 Aug '20Published on: 25 Aug '20Published in: Environmental and Resource Economics


Vaccination is an effective measure to control the diffusion of infectious disease such as COVID-19. This paper analyzes the basic reproduction number in South Korea which enables us to identify a necessary level of vaccine stockpile to achieve herd immunity. An susceptible-infected-susceptible model is adopted that allows a stochastic diffusion. The result shows that the basic reproduction number of South Korea is approximately 2 which is substantially lower than those of the other regions. The herd immunity calculated from economic-epidemiological model suggests that at least 62% of the susceptible population be vaccinated when COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. © Springer Nature B.V. 2020.