A study on CFD data compression using hybrid supercompact wavelets

Research paper by Hyungmin Kang, Dongho Lee, Dohyung Lee

Indexed on: 01 Nov '03Published on: 01 Nov '03Published in: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology


A hybrid method with supercompact multiwavelets is suggested as an efficient and practical method to compress CFD dataset. Supercompact multiwavelets provide various advantages such as compact support and orthogonality in CFD data compression. The compactness is a crucial condition for approximated representation of CFD data to avoid unnecessary interaction between remotely spaced data across various singularities such as shock and vortices. But the supercompact multiwavelet method has to fit the CFD grid size to a product of integer and power of two,mX2. To resolve this problem, the hybrid method with combination of 3, 2 and 1 dimensional version of wavelets is studied. With the hybrid method, any arbitrary size can be handled without any shrinkage or expansion of the original problem. The presented method allows high data compression ratio for fluid simulation data. Several numerical tests substantiate large data compression ratios for flow field simulation successfully.