A study of the optimal measurement placement for parameter identification of orthotropic composites by the boundary element method

Research paper by L. X. Huang, Z. H. Xiang, X. S. Sun, Y. H. Liu, Z. Z. Cen

Indexed on: 09 Dec '05Published on: 09 Dec '05Published in: Computational Mechanics


This paper concentrates on the design of the optimal measurement placement for the parameter identification of two-dimensional orthotropic composites, which is modeled by the boundary element. From the analysis of the well-posedness of the parameter identification processes using the Levenberg–Marquardt method, a performance indicator and an estimation of the maximum bias of identified parameters are deduced. Based on these results, a method for selecting the optimal measurement placement is proposed. The validity of this method is illustrated by some numerical examples. These examples reveal that the measurement placement has significant influence on identification results. Furthermore, an iterative process of selecting measurement placement is suggested for practical implementation.