A study of the conformational states of anabasine derivatives

Research paper by M. Karimov, A. S. Sadykov, Kh. A. Aslanov, V. B. Leont'ev, F. G. Kamaev, T. K. Yunusov

Indexed on: 01 Mar '72Published on: 01 Mar '72Published in: Chemistry of Natural Compounds


1. The condensation of anabasine, isoanabasine, and α,β′-bipiperidyl with ethylene oxide has given N-(β-hydroxyethyl)anabasine, N-(β-hydroxyethyl)isoanabasine, and N,N′-di(β-hydroxyethyl)-α,β′-bipiperidyl.2. It has been shown that the treatment of N-(β-chloroethyl)anabasine, N-(β-chloroethyl)isoanabasine, N,N′-di(β-chloroethyl)-α,β′-bipiperidyl with alcoholic alkali forms and the methyl ethers of (I, IV, and VII).3. The conformations of compounds (I, IV, and VII) and their ethers have been established by NMR and IR spectroscopy.