A Stable Seven-Membered Heterocycle, Containing B, C, N, O, and P Atoms, inside a Smaragdyrin Macrocycle.

Research paper by Hemanta H Kalita, Way-Zen WZ Lee, Gregory G GG Theophall, K V KV Lakshmi, M M Ravikanth

Indexed on: 17 Jul '15Published on: 17 Jul '15Published in: Chemistry - A European Journal


Unprecedented examples of smaragdyrin macrocycles containing seven membered heterocyclic rings were synthesized under simple reaction conditions in high yields. The heterocycle formed inside smaragdyrin macrocycle is rare example of heterocycle containing five different atoms, such as B, C, N, O, and P atoms. The mixed B(III) and P(V) complexes of smaragdyrin macrocycles showed new structural, spectral, and electrochemical properties.