A solvothermal synthesis and the structure of K4Ag2Sn3S9 x 2KOH.

Research paper by Yonglin Y An, Min M Ji, Menghe M Baiyin, Xin X Liu, Cuiying C Jia, Dehe D Wang

Indexed on: 08 Jul '03Published on: 08 Jul '03Published in: Inorganic Chemistry


A novel layered K(4)Ag(2)Sn(3)S(9) x 2KOH was synthesized solvothermally. A mixture of ethanol and HSCH(2)CH(SH)CH(2)OH was used for the synthesis. The HSCH(2)CH(SH)CH(2)OH plays an important role and appears to serve as a mineralizer for the solvothermal reaction. A layer comprises Sn(3)S(9)(6)(-) clusters linked by Ag(+) ions and possesses two types of 1D channels in which potassium ions are located. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic P2(1)/m space group [a = 7.8071(2) A, b = 27.3508(1) A, c = 10.5008(2) A, alpha = 90 degrees, beta = 103.874(1) degrees, gamma = 90 degrees, Z = 4]. Its crystal structure, composition analysis, and IR are presented.