A simple steady-state model for carry-over of aflatoxins from feed to cow's milk.

Research paper by Jan C H JC van Eijkeren, Martine I MI Bakker, Marco J MJ Zeilmaker

Indexed on: 30 Jun '06Published on: 30 Jun '06Published in: Food additives and contaminants


A simple steady-state model is derived from two kinetic one-compartment models for the disposition of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) in the lactating cow. The model relates daily intake of AFB1 in feed of dairy cattle and the cow's lactation status to resulting concentrations of AFM1 in milk. Moreover, assuming a linear relationship between the cow's lactation status and feed intake, the model relates daily milk production and AFB1 concentration in total feed to AFM1 levels in milk. The model explains similar experimental outcomes from different investigations into carry-over of aflatoxins from feed to milk. Although it is difficult to set a permanent limit for AFB1 in feed, the European Union (EU) limit of 5 microg AFB1 kg(-1) concentrate has proved, thus far, to be an appropriate level in preventing the EU limit of 0.05 microg AFM1 kg(-1) milk being exceeded.