A short review on dermatophytoses of animals in Romania

Research paper by I. Alteras

Indexed on: 01 Jan '71Published on: 01 Jan '71Published in: Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata


Dermatophytoses of animals in Romania are reviewed. Ringworm infections have been found in cattle (whereT. verrucosum was the only isolated agent), horses (the causative organisms beingT. verrucosum, T. mentagrophytes andM. equinum), cats (dermatophytes isolated:M. canis andT. quinckeanum), dogs (M. canis andM. gypseum), fowlsT. gallinae). From the laboratory animals: guinea pigs (T. mentagrophytes, M. audouinii, T. rubrum), mice (T. quickeanum andT. mentagrophytes), rats (T. mentagrophytes), rabbits (T. mentagrophytes andM. canis) and hamster)T. mentagrophytes). Among the wild animals, only the chamois had a ringworm infection byM. gypseum, other large or smaller wild animals harboring only saprophytically some poozhilic and geophilic dermatophytes.