A Search for Excited Neutrinos in e-p Collisions at HERA

Research paper by H1 Collaboration

Indexed on: 13 Feb '08Published on: 13 Feb '08Published in: High Energy Physics - Experiment


A search for excited neutrinos is performed using the full $e^{-}p$ data sample collected by the H1 experiment at HERA at a centre-of-mass energy of 319 GeV, corresponding to a total luminosity of 184 pb$^{-1}$.The electroweak decays of excited neutrinos ${\nu}^{*}{\to}{\nu}{\gamma}$, ${\nu}^{*}{\to}{\nu}Z$ and ${\nu}^{*}{\to}eW$ with subsequent hadronic or leptonic decays of the $W$ and $Z$ bosons are considered. No evidence for excited neutrino production is found. Mass dependent exclusion limits on $\nu^*$ production cross sections and on the ratio of the coupling to the compositeness scale $f/{\Lambda}$ are derived within gauge mediated models. A limit on $f/{\Lambda}$, independent of the relative couplings to the SU(2) and U(1) gauge bosons, is also determined. These limits extend the excluded region to higher masses than has been possible in previous excited neutrino searches.