A Review on Rainfall Runoff Simulation at Ungauged Catchment

Research paper by W.N.C.W. Zanial, M.A. Malek, M.N.M. Reba

Indexed on: 03 Dec '18Published on: 30 Nov '18Published in: International Journal of Engineering & Technology


Ungauged catchment occurs when no runoff data are available or when very few ground rain gauges are located in a huge catchment.  For these catchments, the parameters to be used in rainfall‐runoff models cannot be attained just by adjusting runoff information and thus should be procured by different techniques. Show parameters that require orientation are normally transposed from comparable measured catchments. The rainfall runoff simulation is very important to estimate and predict the flow in ungauged catchment. This investigation reviews ideas to differentiate hydrological comparability for transposing parameters from a gauged to an ungauged catchment. Model parameters that are physically based are generally derived from other information close to the ungauged catchment of intrigue. The primary challenge with rainfall‐runoff demonstrating in ungauged catchments is the absence of neighborhood ground precipitation and streamflow information to be utilized in aligning the proposed show parameters. Parameter alignment is useful since adjustment can represent the impacts of hydrological set up in a specific catchment. Since hydrological models are especially reliant on their limit conditions, the alignment practice directed can modify the predispositions of info information utilized. Parameters' adjustment can fundamentally improve the execution of rainfall‐runoff models since it included media properties of soil and vegetation which are exceptionally heterogeneous and basically are in every case inadequately known. Alternative methods for ungauged catchments are required which are the subject of this study. This study summarizes the important methods used in an ungauged catchments, discusses the issues of using satellite data as a substitute input to rainfall‐runoff models and its comparison with point scale ground data.