A review of species of the subgenus Taeniosticha Motsch., genus Chrysolina Motsch. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae), distributed in the Dzungar Ata Tau and Tien Shan Mt. Ranges, with descriptions of two new species

Research paper by P. V. Romantsov

Indexed on: 07 Mar '09Published on: 07 Mar '09Published in: Entomological Review


Species of the subgenus Taeniosticha, genus Chrysolina, from the Dzungar Ala Tau, Northern and Central Tien Shan, are revised. A key to the species and figures of the aedeagus of each species are given. Two new species, Chrysolina klimenkoi sp. n. and Ch. sairannurica sp. n., are described from Southeastern Kazakhstan and Northwestern China. Two new species-groups are distinguished: the Ch. alatavica species-group distributed in the Dzungar Ala Tau and Boro-Khoro Mountain Ranges, and the Ch. tianshanica species-group with its members occurring in the Northern and Central Tien Shan. A scheme of the species distribution is given.