A ratiometric fluorescent probe for gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide based on a coumarin-benzopyrylium platform.

Research paper by Yu-Wei YW Duan, Xiao-Feng XF Yang, Yaogang Y Zhong, Yuan Y Guo, Zheng Z Li, Hua H Li

Indexed on: 28 Jan '15Published on: 28 Jan '15Published in: Analytica Chimica Acta


A ratiometric fluorescent probe for H2S was developed based on a coumarin- benzopyrylium platform. The ratiometric sensing is realized by a selective conversion of acyl azide to the corresponding amide, which subsequently undergoes an intramolecular spirocyclization to alter the large π-conjugated system of CB fluorophore. Compared with the traditional azide-based H2S probes, the proposed probe utilizes the acyl azide as the recognition moiety and exhibits a rapid response (∼1min) towards H2S, which is superior to most of the azide-based H2S probes. Preliminary fluorescence imaging experiments show that probe 1 has potential to track H2S in living cells.