A Rare case of Intestinal Malrotation presenting as Appendicitis in Late Adulthood.

Research paper by Acy A Au, A A Syed, Ha H Bradpiece

Indexed on: 01 Jan '10Published on: 01 Jan '10Published in: Journal of surgical case reports


Appendicitis is a common surgical condition with various clinical presentations. The diagnosis could be obscured by underlying undiagnosed anatomical anomalies like intestinal malrotation. Intestinal malrotation is a rare foetal anomaly resulting from an incomplete, or failure of midgut rotation and fixation. 85% of cases have been estimated to present in the first two weeks of life. Presentation at adulthood is rare. In cases where peritonism is elicited elsewhere other than the right iliac fossa, clinicians should bear in mind the possibility of underlying intestinal malrotation, as this could be the first presentation of this rare congenital condition.