A proteomic approach of SigX function in Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane composition.

Research paper by Rachel R Duchesne, Emeline E Bouffartigues, Virginie V Oxaran, Olivier O Maillot, Magalie M Bénard, Marc G J MG Feuilloley, Nicole N Orange, Sylvie S Chevalier

Indexed on: 18 Dec '13Published on: 18 Dec '13Published in: Journal of Proteomics


SigX is one of the 19 extracytoplasmic function sigma factors that have been predicted in the human opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome. SigX is involved in the transcription of oprF, encoding the major outer membrane protein OprF, a pleiotropic porin that contributes to the maintaining of the wall structure, and is essential to P. aeruginosa virulence. This study aimed to get further insights into the functions of SigX. We performed here an outer membrane subproteome of a sigX mutant. Proteomic investigations revealed lower production of 8 porins among which 4 gated channels involved in iron or hem uptake, OprF, and the three substrate-specific proteins OprD, OprQ and OprE. On the other side, the glucose-specific porin OprB and the lipid A 3-O-deacylase that is involved in LPS modification were up-regulated. Our results indicate that SigX may be involved in the control and/or regulation of the outer membrane composition.A proteomic approach was used herein to get further insights into SigX functions in P. aeruginosa. The data presented here suggest that SigX is involved in the outer membrane protein composition, and could be linked to a regulatory network involved in OM homeostasis.

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