A preliminary study of dislocations in indium and gallium phosphides

Research paper by R. C. Clarke, D. S. Robertson, A. W. Vere

Indexed on: 01 Sep '73Published on: 01 Sep '73Published in: Journal of Materials Science


The determination of dislocation densities and distributions in III–V compounds by etching techniques frequently leads to erroneous results, especially where high densities are involved. The paper reports the use of a HNO3∶HCl∶Br etch on slices of InP and GaP and specifies the conditions under which the etch may be used as a precise guide to the dislocation density and distribution.Comparison of etch-pit micrographs and X-ray Lang topographs is used to establish the validity of the etching technique and to obtain information on the type, density and distribution of dislocations in substrates and epitaxial layers.