A Practice Innovations Decision Model.

Research paper by James E JE Rohrer

Indexed on: 26 Dec '17Published on: 26 Dec '17Published in: Health services research and managerial epidemiology


The purpose of this commentary is to propose a flexible practice innovations decision model (PIDM) for use in health services planning and management.This is an example of fuzzy decision analysis. The elements of the model are explained by applying it to the decision of whether to open a primary care clinic in retail space. The model contains 10 criteria, each of which scored as 1 (met) or 0 (not met). The scores are summed to guide the decision.In this example, success was defined a priori as meeting 8 or more criteria. Sensitivity analysis and simulation can be used in practice to test the model.The PIDM appears to be applicable to a variety of decisions, and the fuzzy scoring combined with simulation and sensitivity analysis generates plausible results. The model should be modified as necessary for each situation in which it is applied.