A possible radio supernova in the outer part of NGC 3310

Research paper by M. K. Argo, T. W. B. Muxlow, A. Pedlar, R. J. Beswick, M. Strong

Indexed on: 17 May '04Published on: 17 May '04Published in: Astrophysics


As part of an on-going radio supernova monitoring program, we have discovered a variable, compact steep spectrum radio source ~65 arcsec (~4 kpc) from the centre of the starburst galaxy NGC 3310. If the source is at the distance of NGC 3310, then its 5 GHz luminosity is ~3 x 10^{19} WHz^-1. The source luminosity, together with its variability characteristics, compact structure (<17 mas) and its association with a group of HII regions, leads us to propose that it is a previously uncatalogued type II radio supernova. A search of archival data also shows an associated X-ray source with a luminosity similar to known radio supernova.