A path relinking-;based scatter search for the resource-;constrained project scheduling problem

Research paper by François Berthaut, Robert Pellerin, Adnène Hajji, Nathalie Perrier

Indexed on: 18 May '18Published on: 14 Mar '18Published in: International Journal of Project Organisation and Management


Project scheduling has received growing attention from researchers in recent decades in order to recommend models and methods to tackle problems for real-;size projects. In this paper, we consider the resource-;constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP), which consists of scheduling activities in order to minimise the project duration in presence of precedence and resource constraints. We propose a hybrid metaheuristic based on scatter search that involves forward-;backward improvement and reversing the project network at each iteration of the search. A bidirectional path relinking method with a new move is used as a solution combination method and a new improvement procedure is proposed in the reference set update method. The proposed method is applied to the standard benchmark projects from the PSPLIB library. The computational results show that the proposed scatter search produces high-;quality solutions in a reasonable computational time and is among the best performing metaheuristics.