A novel two-stage hybrid swarm intelligence optimization algorithm and application

Research paper by Wu Deng, Rong Chen, Bing He, Yaqing Liu, Lifeng Yin, Jinghuan Guo

Indexed on: 05 May '12Published on: 05 May '12Published in: Soft Computing


This paper presents a novel two-stage hybrid swarm intelligence optimization algorithm called GA–PSO–ACO algorithm that combines the evolution ideas of the genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization based on the compensation for solving the traveling salesman problem. In the proposed hybrid algorithm, the whole process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, we make use of the randomicity, rapidity and wholeness of the genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization to obtain a series of sub-optimal solutions (rough searching) to adjust the initial allocation of pheromone in the ACO. In the second stage, we make use of these advantages of the parallel, positive feedback and high accuracy of solution to implement solving of whole problem (detailed searching). To verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed hybrid algorithm, various scale benchmark problems from TSPLIB are tested to demonstrate the potential of the proposed two-stage hybrid swarm intelligence optimization algorithm. The simulation examples demonstrate that the GA–PSO–ACO algorithm can greatly improve the computing efficiency for solving the TSP and outperforms the Tabu Search, genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, PS–ACO and other methods in solution quality. And the experimental results demonstrate that convergence is faster and better when the scale of TSP increases.