A novel method to grip a golf club for a quadruple amputee golfer

Imported: 14 Aug '16 | Published: 01 Sep '16

Paul Wood, Erik Henrikson; Jeff Lewis

Sports Engineering

Abstract: A device was created to enable a quadruple amputee golfer to securely hold a golf club and play the game. The device also offers a way to easily and independently switch one golf club for another during the round. It comprises a spring-loaded cylindrical fixture to hold the club to the prosthetic arm and a J-slot to twist and release the club to exchange it for a different club on the course. The device has been used to play golf for 5 years. The engineered solution attaches to the golfer’s right arm and he swings using a right-handed stance. It includes a bend in the prosthetic arm to enable a more functional golf swing. A series of club fittings were conducted over a number of years and experiments were conducted on both driving ranges and golf courses with the aim of optimizing performance. The complete set of club specifications... Read More

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