A novel laser-induced fluorescence scheme for Ar-I in a plasma.

Research paper by Zachary D ZD Short, M Umair MU Siddiqui, Miguel F MF Henriquez, John S JS McKee, Earl E EE Scime

Indexed on: 02 Feb '16Published on: 02 Feb '16Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


Here we describe a novel infrared laser-induced fluorescence scheme for the 1s2 state of Ar-I using an 841.052 nm (vacuum) Sacher tunable diode laser oscillator and compare it to an established 667.913 nm (vacuum) 1s4-pumping Ar-I LIF scheme using a master oscillator power amplifier laser [A. M. Keesee et al. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 4091 (2004)]. The novel scheme exhibits a significantly greater signal-to-noise ratio for a given injected laser power than the established scheme. We argue that this is caused by less intense spontaneous Ar-I radiation near the LIF emission wavelength for the 1s2 scheme as compared to the 1s4 scheme. In addition we present an updated iodine cell spectrum around the 1s4 LIF scheme pump wavelength.