A novel efficient method for the synthesis of substituted olefins; cross coupling of two different alcohols using NaHSO4/SiO2.

Research paper by Tadashi T Aoyama, Shuichi S Koda, Yuka Y Takeyoshi, Tetsuhiro T Ito, Toshio T Takido, Mitsuo M Kodomari

Indexed on: 19 Jun '13Published on: 19 Jun '13Published in: Chemical Communications


Simple and efficient cross coupling of alcohols was developed in the presence of NaHSO4/SiO2 to give the corresponding substituted olefins. Direct coupling of alcohols and alkenes was also achieved to give substituted olefins. NaHSO4/SiO2 could be recycled 7 times without loss of catalytic activity.