A note on M(atrix) theory in seven dimensions with eight supercharges

Research paper by Suresh Govindarajan

Indexed on: 05 Aug '97Published on: 05 Aug '97Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We consider M(atrix) theory compactifications to seven dimensions with eight unbroken supersymmetries. We conjecture that both M(atrix) theory on K3 and Heterotic M(atrix) theory on T^3 are described by the same 5+1 dimensional theory with N=2 supersymmetry which is broken to N=1 by the base space. The emergence of the extra dimension follows from a recent result of Rozali[hep-th/9702136]. We show that the seven dimensional duality between M-theory on K3 and Heterotic string theory on T^3 is realised in M(atrix) theory as the exchange of one of the dimensions with this new dimension.