A nonsupersymmetric matrix orbifold

Research paper by Tom Banks, Lubos Motl

Indexed on: 20 Oct '99Published on: 20 Oct '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We construct the matrix description for a twisted version of the IIA string theory on S^1 with fermions antiperiodic around a spatial circle. The result is a 2+1-dimensional U(N) x U(N) nonsupersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with fermionic matter transforming in the (N,Nbar). The two U(N)'s are exchanged if one goes around a twisted circle of the worldvolume. Relations with Type 0 theories are explored and we find Type 0 matrix string limits of our gauge theory. We argue however that most of these results are falsified by the absence of SUSY nonrenormalization theorems and that the models do not in fact have a sensible Lorentz invariant space time interpretation.