A new view of the spin echo diffusive diffraction on porous structures

Research paper by Janez Stepisnik

Indexed on: 20 Jun '02Published on: 20 Jun '02Published in: Physics - Materials Science


Analysis with the characteristic functional of stochastic motion is used for the gradient spin echo measurement of restricted motion to clarify details of the diffraction-like effect in a porous structure. It gives the diffusive diffraction as an interference of spin phase shifts due to the back-flow of spins bouncing at the boundaries, when mean displacement of scattered spins is equal to the spin phase grating prepared by applied magnetic field gradients. The diffraction patterns convey information about morphology of the surrounding media at times long enough that opposite boundaries are restricting displacements. The method explains the dependence of diffraction on the time and width of gradient pulses, as observed at the experiments and the simulations. It also enlightens the analysis of transport properties by the spin echo, particularly in systems, where the motion is restricted by structure or configuration.