A new tetrathiafulvalene-quinone-tetrathiafulvalene triad: modulation of the intramolecular charge transfer by the electron-transfer process promoted by metal ions.

Research paper by Yan Y Zeng, Guanxin G Zhang, Deqing D Zhang, Daoben D Zhu

Indexed on: 09 May '09Published on: 09 May '09Published in: Journal of Organic Chemistry


Electron transfer can occur from the TTF units to the substituted quinone unit in a new TTF-quinone-TTF triad 1 containing the N,N-dialkylaniline-substituted quinone unit flanked by two TTF units, in the presence of metal ions (Pb(2+), Zn(2+), and Sc(3+)). Simultaneously, the corresponding charge transfer within the substituted quinone unit becomes weak in the presence of metal ions. Moreover, the metal ion-promoted electron transfer and the intramolecular charge transfer can be tuned by alternating UV and visible light irradiation in the presence of spiropyran.