A new switching scheme for Z-source inverter to minimize ripples in the Z-source elements

Research paper by Sengodan Thangaprakash, Ammasai Krishnan

Indexed on: 11 Apr '12Published on: 11 Apr '12Published in: International Journal of Automation and Computing


This paper presents a modification in pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme with unequal shoot-through distribution for the Z-source inverter (ZSI) which can minimize ripples in the current through the Z-source inductors as well as the voltage across the Z-source capacitors. For the same system parameters, the proposed control technique provides better voltage boost across the Z-source capacitor, DC-link, and also the AC output voltage than the traditional PWM. The ripples in the Z-network elements are found to be reduced by 75% in the proposed modulation scheme with optimum harmonic profile in the AC output. Since the Z-network requirement will be based on the ripple profile of the elements, the Z-network requirements can be greatly reduced. The effectiveness of the proposed modulation scheme has been simulated in Matlab/Simulink software and the results are validated by the experiment in the laboratory.