A new species of the genus Garra Hamilton (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from Northeast India.

Research paper by Narengbam N Roni, Yengkhom Y Chinglemba, Yumnam Y Rameshori, Waikhom W Vishwanath

Indexed on: 20 Nov '19Published on: 14 Nov '19Published in: Zootaxa


A new species of Garra with a rostral proboscis is described from the Barak River drainage in Manipur, India. Garra paratrilobata, new species, is distinguished from its congeners in having the combination of the following characters: a prominent trilobed proboscis, the median lobe with 5-7 uni- to tricuspid tubercles on its anterior margin and 4-6 minute tubercles on its anteroventral margin; lateral lobe of the proboscis with 3-4 minute tubercles; lateral surface of the snout lobular, with 6-9 tubercles; 33-34 lateral-line scales; and the rostral surface concave, creased and depressed.