A New Space-Time Multiple Trellis Coded Modulation Scheme Using Transmit Symbol Phase Rotation

Research paper by Susu Jiang, Ryuji Kohno

Indexed on: 01 Oct '05Published on: 01 Oct '05Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


Space-time multiple trellis coded modulation (ST-MTCM) has been introduced in order to achieve maximum transmit diversity gain and larger coding gain with the existence of parallel paths. In our previous research, we designed a new coded modulation scheme for ST-MTCM which simultaneously maximizes the coding gain and diversity gain utilizing Hadamard Matrix giving the maximum determinant. This scheme, however, cannot achieve full transmit rate. In this paper, we extend our research so as to achieve full rate transmission as well as maximum coding and diversity gain. In addition, Super-Orthogonal Space-Time Trellis Code (SO-STTC) is well known for its high coding gain, full diversity gain and full transmit rate. Even though our proposed scheme is essentially the same as SO-STTC, we show in this paper that our proposed code design is different from SO-STTC, and achieves better performance. Our proposed code design utilizes transmit symbol phase rotation at a certain time slot so as to avoid same path transition in trellis, which occurs with conventional SO-STTC scheme. We design codes with different way of phase rotation for different MPSK modulation scheme, and simulation results show the improvements of our proposed codes for MPSK modulation with different number of states.