A new scheme of coded ultrasound using Golay codes

Research paper by Cheng Jin, Si-ping Chen, Zheng-di Qin, Tian-fu Wang

Indexed on: 29 May '10Published on: 29 May '10Published in: Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE C


Golay codes are the most practical code in coded ultrasound imaging systems. But the trade-off for perfect range sidelobe cancellation is the requirement for two firings, thus resulting in motion-dependent decoding errors. In view of this, we propose a new scheme using the simultaneous emission of code pairs. The code pair is allocated to different elements of an aperture and transmitted simultaneously. The process of separating the code pair from the echo received is based on the orthogonality of the code pair. At last the autocorrelation functions of the individual Golay codes are added together. The simultaneous emission of code pairs instead of two firings recovers the frame rate loss, and eliminates the motion-dependent decoding error. Our theoretical analysis and simulations show that the scheme can be used to eliminate the tissue motion effects.