A new Sarcocystis species (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae) from the rock gecko Bunopus tuberculatus in Saudi Arabia.

Research paper by A S AS Abdel-Baki, H M HM Abdel-Haleem, S S Al-Quraishy

Indexed on: 24 Apr '12Published on: 24 Apr '12Published in: The Journal of parasitology


Sarcocystis bunopusi n. sp. from the muscle fibres of the rock gecko ( Bunopus tuberculatus ) in Saudi Arabia is described. Sarcocysts were found in skeletal muscles of the tail and fore and hind limbs in 3 of 30 geckos. Sarcocysts were microscopic, 42-45 µm long and 22-25 µm wide. Using light microscopy, the cyst wall was thin and smooth. Ultrastructurally, the primary cyst wall consisted of a thin parasitophorous vacuolar membrane with osmiophilic 100 nm × 50 nm knob-like papillae, and no perpendicular protrusions. Septae were indistinct. Bradyzoites were 5-7 × 1.5-2.0 µm in size. This is the first description of a Sarcocystis species from this gecko.