A new multi-criteria group decision-making approach based on q-rung orthopair fuzzy interaction Hamy mean operators

Research paper by Yuping Xing, Runtong Zhang, Jun Wang, Kaiyuan Bai, Jing Xue

Indexed on: 01 Jun '19Published on: 01 Jun '19Published in: Neural Computing and Applications


The recently proposed q-rung orthopair fuzzy set (q-ROFS) is a powerful and effective tool to describe uncertainty and vagueness, and Hamy mean (HM) has a significant advantage of capturing the interrelationship among aggregated arguments. In order to take full advantage of q-ROFS and HM, and consider the interactions between membership and non-membership degrees at the same time, in this paper, we propose a family of q-rung orthopair fuzzy Hamy mean operators based on interaction operations. First, we define interaction operational rules for q-rung orthopair fuzzy numbers. Based on the new operational rules, q-rung orthopair fuzzy interaction HM and q-rung orthopair fuzzy interaction weighted HM operators are proposed. Further, we propose a dual Hamy mean (DHM) operator and extend it to accommodate q-rung orthopair fuzzy environment. Based on interaction operational rules and DHM, q-rung orthopair fuzzy interaction DHM operator and its weighted form are also developed. Then, a novel multi-attribute group decision-making approach based on proposed operators is introduced. Finally, a numerical instance, as well as some comparative analyses, is provided to illustrate the validity and advantages of the new approach.