A New Method for Constructing Large Size WBE Codes with Low Complexity ML Decoder

Research paper by Mohammad Javad Faraji, Pedram Pad, Farokh Marvasti

Indexed on: 07 Mar '09Published on: 07 Mar '09Published in: Computer Science - Information Theory


In this paper we wish to introduce a method to reconstruct large size Welch Bound Equality (WBE) codes from small size WBE codes. The advantage of these codes is that the implementation of ML decoder for the large size codes is reduced to implementation of ML decoder for the core codes. This leads to a drastic reduction of the computational cost of ML decoder. Our method can also be used for constructing large Binary WBE (BWBE) codes from smaller ones. Additionally, we explain that although WBE codes are maximizing the sum channel capacity when the inputs are real valued, they are not necessarily appropriate when the input alphabet is binary. The discussion shows that when the input alphabet is binary, the Total Squared Correlation (TSC) of codes is not a proper figure of merit.