A New Information Theoretical Concept: Information-Weighted Heavy-tailed Distributions

Research paper by H. M. de Oliveira, R. J. Cintra

Indexed on: 24 Jan '16Published on: 24 Jan '16Published in: Mathematics - Statistics


Given an arbitrary continuous probability density function, it is introduced a conjugated probability density, which is defined through the Shannon information associated with its cumulative distribution function. These new densities are computed from a number of standard distributions, including uniform, normal, exponential, Pareto, logistic, Kumaraswamy, Rayleigh, Cauchy, Weibull, and Maxwell-Boltzmann. The case of joint information-weighted probability distribution is assessed. An additive property is derived in the case of independent variables. One-sided and two-sided information-weighting are considered. The asymptotic behavior of the tail of the new distributions is examined. It is proved that all probability densities proposed here define heavy-tailed distributions. It is shown that the weighting of distributions regularly varying with extreme-value index $\alpha > 0$ still results in a regular variation distribution with the same index. This approach can be particularly valuable in applications where the tails of the distribution play a major role.