A new generalization of the Lelong number

Research paper by Aron Lagerberg

Indexed on: 08 Nov '11Published on: 08 Nov '11Published in: Arkiv för Matematik


We will introduce a quantity which measures the singularity of a plurisubharmonic function φ relative to another plurisubharmonic function ψ, at a point a. We denote this quantity by νa,ψ(φ). It can be seen as a generalization of the classical Lelong number in a natural way: if ψ=(n−1)log| ⋅ −a|, where n is the dimension of the set where φ is defined, then νa,ψ(φ) coincides with the classical Lelong number of φ at the point a. The main theorem of this article says that the upper level sets of our generalized Lelong number, i.e. the sets of the form {z:νz,ψ(φ)≥c} where c>0, are in fact analytic sets, provided that the weightψ satisfies some additional conditions.