A new endstation at the Swiss Light Source for ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements of liquid solutions.

Research paper by Matthew A MA Brown, Amaia Beloqui AB Redondo, Inga I Jordan, Nicolas N Duyckaerts, Ming-Tao MT Lee, Markus M Ammann, Frithjof F Nolting, Armin A Kleibert, Thomas T Huthwelker, Jean-Pierre JP Müächler, Mario M Birrer, Juri J Honegger, Reto R Wetter, Hans Jakob HJ Wörner, Jeroen A JA van Bokhoven

Indexed on: 02 Aug '13Published on: 02 Aug '13Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


A new liquid microjet endstation designed for ultraviolet (UPS) and X-ray (XPS) photoelectron, and partial electron yield X-ray absorption (XAS) spectroscopies at the Swiss Light Source is presented. The new endstation, which is based on a Scienta HiPP-2 R4000 electron spectrometer, is the first liquid microjet endstation capable of operating in vacuum and in ambient pressures up to the equilibrium vapor pressure of liquid water at room temperature. In addition, the Scienta HiPP-2 R4000 energy analyzer of this new endstation allows for XPS measurements up to 7000 eV electron kinetic energy that will enable electronic structure measurements of bulk solutions and buried interfaces from liquid microjet samples. The endstation is designed to operate at the soft X-ray SIM beamline and at the tender X-ray Phoenix beamline. The endstation can also be operated using a Scienta 5 K ultraviolet helium lamp for dedicated UPS measurements at the vapor-liquid interface using either He I or He II α lines. The design concept, first results from UPS, soft X-ray XPS, and partial electron yield XAS measurements, and an outlook to the potential of this endstation are presented.