A new characterization of principal ideal domains

Research paper by Katie Christensen, Ryan Gipson, Hamid Kulosman

Indexed on: 25 May '18Published on: 25 May '18Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


In 2008 N.~Q.~Chinh and P.~H.~Nam characterized principal ideal domains as integral domains that satisfy the follo\-wing two conditions: (i) they are unique factorization domains, and (ii) all maximal ideals in them are principal. We improve their result by giving a characterization in which each of these two conditions is weakened. At the same time we improve a theorem by P.~M.~Cohn which characterizes principal ideal domains as atomic B\'ezout domains. We will also show that every PC domain is AP and that the notion of PC domains is incomparable with the notion of pre-Schreier domains (hence with the notions of Schreier and GCD domains as well).