A New Characterisation of Total Graphs

Research paper by Ravi Goyal, Mahipal Jadeja, Rahul Muthu

Indexed on: 01 Feb '16Published on: 01 Feb '16Published in: Mathematics - General Mathematics


Graphs constructed to translate some graph problem into another graph problem are usually called auxiliary graphs. Specifically total graphs of simple graphs are used to translate the total colouring problem of the original graph into a vertex colouring problem of the transformed graph. In this paper, we obtain a new characterisation of total graphs of simple graphs. We also design algorithms to compute the inverse total graphs when the input graph is a total graph. These results improve over the work of Behzad, by using novel observations on the properties of the local structure in the neighbourhood of each vertex. The earlier algorithm was based on bfs and distances. Our theorems result in partitioning the vertex set of the total graph into the original graph and the line graph efficiently. We obtain constructive results for special classes, most notably for total graph of complete graphs.